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Specialist Criminal Law Software

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Specialist Criminal Law Software


Our specialist knowledge of criminal law is aided by the direct input of senior practitioners. So, our products are regularly updated in accordance with first-hand knowledge of contract compliance and forthcoming changes.


Our software prompts you to easily give and record high-quality advice. We are also aware of the heavy burden of contractual audit to which firms are subjected. We understand the worries associated with 14-hour compliance rules and we have developed systems that help monitor this with minimal effort.

In addition, we realise the government’s drive to reduce the Legal Aid budget is reducing your rates for work done. We help you cut costs - and boost profits - through affordable products that reduce your administrative workload and streamline tasks such as billing and bookkeeping.





Case Management+ – Arrange a Demo

  • Developed for single and multi-branch practitioners

  • Assists multi-disciplined firms

  • Manages casework and document production

  • Enables paperless working

  • Streamlines your workflow – including billing procedures and accounts

  • Makes compliance reporting easy

  • Switching to Bullseye is simple - we manage data migration for you

  • Comprehensive demo available, including live Q&A with one of our experts

Bullseye App – Take a Free Trial

  • Digital Attendance Notes. Works on and offline – at police stations, courts and prisons

  • Promotes best practice and facilitates LAA compliance including the 45 minute requirement and 14-hour pw rule

  • Provides you with a database of 1600 offences and their mode of trial

  • Inbuilt timerecording, includes disbursement and commission/overtime claims

  • Records outcomes or continuations with diary dates and bail conditions

  • Syncs data with all the lawyers in your secure group

  • Available as a stand alone system or combine with case management+ for ultimate efficiency

  • Free trial available for your whole practice for two months

Crown Court Defence Billing System – Take a Free Trial

  • Included in Case Management+, or offered as a standalone system

  • Calculates claims using relevant LAA rates

  • Boosts revenue by providing cost-enhancing opportunities

  • Upload your claim to the CCD portal with just one click

  • Free upgrades, including new Advocate’s payment scheme

  • Free trial available until May 31st 2018



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