We provide effective solutions to the challenges faced by criminal law practices. 

All our products have been developed by criminal law specialists: 

  • Developed for single and multi-branch practices

  • Assists multi-disciplined firms

  • Manages casework and document production

  • Enables paperless working

  • Streamlines your workflow – including billing procedures and accounts

  • Makes compliance-reporting easy

  • Comprehensive demo including live Q&A with one of our experts


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Bullseye Solutions

Our Products Save You Time, Cut Your Costs, Boost Your Efficiency, And Manage Compliance

  • Digital Attendance Notes. Works on and offline – at police stations, courts and prisons

  • Promotes best practice and facilitates LAA compliance including the 45 minute requirement and 14-hour pw rule

  • Provides you with a database of 1600 offences and their mode of trial

  • Inbuilt timerecording, includes disbursement and commission/overtime claims

  • Records outcomes or continuations with diary dates and bail conditions

  • Syncs data with all the lawyers in your secure group

  • For ultimate efficiency combine with Case Management+

  • or use as a standalone system

  • Included in Case Management+, or offered as a standalone system

  • Calculates claims using relevant LAA rates

  • Boosts revenue by providing cost-enhancing opportunities

  • Upload your claim to the CCD portal with just one click

  • Free trial available until May 31st 2018

  • Annual cost £99+VAT